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Ride an Infamous Albanian Train - Wild Ways Travel

Ride an Infamous Albanian Train

Ride an Infamous Albanian Train

from €84.9 per person, 2-15 people


This is a flexible day trip itinerary that allows you to ride one of Albania’s intriguingly derelict trains to an interesting destination. Photographers, rail buffs and lovers of the obscure, unite!

These trains go back to an era of communism in which the Chinese had an influence on the technology being used in Albania. They’re dreadfully slow and old by modern standards, but are truly a unique way to unwind and see parts of the country!

Departing from Durres (there is no train station in Tirana) we have several destinations to choose from that can be suited to your preferences – either involving hikes, architecture, food, culture or a combination! No no no no … wait..

This proposal was written in 2018. Since than, many things have changed in the Albanian Railways. Helas, mostly for the worse. We have helped 3 documentaries happen, all based on funny or dramatic stories (mostly a combination) of the Albanian railways past and present. There’s not much left from them. Now the only train ride we can offer for passengers is the one that connects the harbour of Durres to the industrial area of Elbasan. An interesting ride but quite a monopol itinerary.

And as we wait you to send us an email to learn more about this, note that we can rent a train just for you to party and explore in a real odd, special, crazy way a ghost that almost doesn’t exist anymore but that holds so many human stories, efforts, dreams and disillusions that you will have a proper real experience in it. And while we’re writing these words (as of February 2023), Albania is ready to launch soon the very first highway to connect Tirana, Mother Teresa Airport and Durres. It will be quite a revolution. Based on a sad and funny story. Come learn from it!

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Meet in Tirana at 6am (yes – no typo – the one that leaves at 7h05 from Durres, is the only we can catch and enjoy today). Drive to Durres. Enough time to get tickets, coffee and jump on the wagon. Eventually we shall do our best that you get on the locomotive, as we have always done when organizing this tour. Things change fast and we can’t guarantee this part anyway.

Our guide will tell about the history of railways, the personal histories that she/he lived or heard. We shall do our best to start conversations with the few locals that take the train (not many do so). Very likely drivers might stop and take a coffee in one of the stations that go along the Albanian Adriatic coast and than follow the valley of Shkumbin (where once upon a time, Romans built one of their most important roads – the Via Egnatia).

Train goes at a maximum speed of 40 km/hour so no risk to miss things from the interesting natural and human surroundings.

Arrive Elbasan at around 11h 40. Stop and exchange a coffee with train personel. A car comes and picks us up to continue towards the ruins of the gigantic “Steel of the Party” metallurgical ruins of Elbasan. A whole phantomatic town, almost totally fallen apart is here for the cameras and the eyes of the curious.

Our driver takes us back to Tirana at the end of the afternoon.

Price and information

Payment Options: We accept bank transfers, PayPal and we have a debit terminal/POS available at our office in order to accept Debit, VISA and Mastercard payments (please keep in mind that 5% of the total will be added for the latter option.)  We can also accept cash payments where applicable.

The price will include:

  • All entrance fees.
  • Transfer to train in comfortable AC car (and any onward car rides/ the car ride back to your hotel).
  • Train ride.
  • Lunch, if it is included as part of the itinerary destination (i.e. a visit to Mrizi i Zanave).
  • VAT taxes.

from €84.9 per person, 2-15 people

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